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In The Simplest Terms

Grounding, or earthing means, touching your bare skin to the Earth. 

This is an essential connection for good health and overall wellbeing. Throughout history, our ancestors maintained this connection at all times, through walking barefoot and sleeping on the earth. With the invention of rubber soled shoes and synthetic flooring our modern society has lost this connection, causing dis-ease in the form of chronic pain and inflammation.

Our Modern Lifestyles

Typically do not allow us to spend enough time outdoors to get grounded.  Our solution is simple, we've created products that act as an extension cord to the Earth, and all its healing benefits.


How do I preserve my products and what are the washing instructions?

Grounded Wellbeing’s products are quite durable. They may be simply wiped clean with soap and water, and if handled with care, should last for years to come. 

Can I use a sheet over my grounding pad?

 The closer to direct skin contact, the better. A grounded connection can still be made when a thin sheet is present thanks to the skin’s natural moisture acting as a conductor. 

Do Grounded Wellbeing products run on electricity?

 No. Our products utilize the Earth’s natural energy. Grounded Wellbeing’s products plug in to the grounded (3rd) hole of the outlet which transmits only the energy from the ground.  

Which side of my Grounded Wellbeing mat is the conductive side?

Your mat transfers the ground energy using a conductive carbon leatherette. This is the shiny leather-like side of the mat which should be as close to direct skin contact as possible.

How often should I be Grounded?

 Just as our ancestors spent most of their lives in contact with the Earth’s energy by walking barefoot, working in fields, and sleeping on the ground, so should we. Grounded Wellbeing’s products mimic the natural grounded connection our ancestors had, adapted to our modern, indoor lifestyles. Your body will receive benefit any time it becomes grounded, there is no minimum or maximum amount of time.  

Can I plug my Grounded Wellbeing mat into a surge protector or extension cord?

Yes, as long as the surge protector or extension chord has a ground port (3rd hole) and is connected to a grounded outlet.

What if I live in an older/ ungrounded home?

If your home is not grounded it is recommended that you contact an electrician to update the wiring. Grounding rods can also be used that will stick in a moist segment of dirt outside and the chord will feed through a window or door.

I feel a tingling/warmth when I'm grounded, is this normal?

This common feeling of tingling and/ or warmth is caused by the improved blood circulation that grounding provides, as well as local inflammation releasing and dissipating from the body. These feelings will likely go away after a few grounding sessions once the body has begun to return to its natural, grounded state. 

I don't feel any difference when I'm grounding, how do I know my Grounded Wellbeing mat is working?

All bodies benefit from grounding. Those suffering from inflammation related issues will feel the benefits more consciously. When grounded, the body receives the anti inflammatory benefits, promoting healing and preserving good health.


Download the following PDF to read abstracts from 20 different peer reviewed and published studies on the benefits of grounding.

Grounding Documentary


Grounded Wellbeing Chair

The Grounded Wellbeing chair is made with a 100% conductive carbon leatherette, making it the most comfortable way to Get Grounded. It features an adjustable head tilt, detachable memory foam pillow and matching lumbar pillow. Recline the Grounded Wellbeing Chair to its Zero Gravity position for enhanced relaxation. The one touch zero gravity button makes it user friendly for everyone.

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MSRP: $3499

Grounded Wellbeing Chair Mat

The Grounded Wellbeing Mat transforms your favorite chair into a grounded chair, its universal design allows it to rest comfortably on any surface, whether thats an office chair or recliner. Its compact size makes it a great travel companion. The soft conductive carbon leatherette feels great against the skin and enhances the look of any chair.

Dimensions: 15" x 54"

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MSRP: $169

Grounded Wellbeing Sleep Mat

 Enjoy a deeper sleep and wake up feeling refreshed with the Grounded Wellbeing Bed Mat. The bed mat is designed to sit under your bed’s fitted sheet to ground the whole body for the total duration of your rest. Its larger surface area and straps keeps the mat from bunching or moving in the middle of the night.  

Dimensions: 27" x 72"

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MSRP: $239

Grounded Wellbeing Desk Mat

The Grounded Wellbeing Desk Mat can be used on top of a desk under your keyboard and mouse, or on the floor underneath with bare feet contact. Keep a grounded connection at your office desk space to help keep stress levels low, ease wrist or neck pain, and promote blood circulation. 

Dimensions: 15" x 30"

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MSRP: $89

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